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simpson, who was the british sailor on the swedish artmous team who passed when his boat capsized. he won a gold metal in the 2008 olympics. bart began sailing [inaudible] to the royal yachting [inaudible] college in london. after the olympics bart followed his skipper into the olympics and he was full of enthusiasm and relocated his family to san francisco for six months. he is survived business his wife and son to whom we send our deepest condolences. >> thank you. today i'm introducing two items. the first is an ordinance that i've been working on with [inaudible] develop creative long term funding strategies for the maintenance and improvements. we have a number of open spaces that are not owned or maintained by the city. and most of our city and private grants opportunities are focused not on improvements so a group of these neighborhoods have been working with [inaudible] successful community benefits district to fund parks and open space maintenance. the legislation that i'm introducing and residential properties to voluntary assess themselves to fund maintenance and improv
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)